The Therapy Skills Training as Spiritual Path

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The Therapy Skills Training is a three or four year experiential training in the therapeutic skills required to facilitate a person's growth out of neurotic and self-destructive patterns into a life of emotional and spiritual fullness. However, the training is itself the activation of that very process and can be taken by those without any aspiration towards being a therapist but wishing to integrate their spiritual life with their own personal life and the challenges of (post-)modern living.

While such a thoroughgoing transformation might seem like a tall order, all of the elements are in place in our life to bring about such a change. This is so because our own deeper Self is always indefatigably directing us towards such a life of wholeness. However, because of our own ego's inevitable history of woundings and setbacks, we fail to recognize the aid available in our depths and can easily succumb to repetitive fears and self-sabotaging patterns. As a result of this a person's life can become a depressing testament to missed opportunities, unexplored potential, and ultimately a sad 'settling' for a life of disillusionment and disappointment.

While there is a certain grim necessity in recognizing that some of our earlier dreams and aspirations may have been unrealistic and naive in some respects - there is a value to 'growing up', after all - in actuality the deepest longings in our heart, particularly as they mature inside us, always remain fresh and capable of realization. This is so because at our deepest core we are spiritual beings, and the ultimate destiny we are called to is of a spiritual nature. Indeed, it is when we are most oppressed by a sense of 'rot', of existential frustration and hopelessness that we are most ripe for spiritual renewal and rebirth.

Whatever we have been subjected to in life, we always remain capable of redemption and self-renewal because our inner core is grounded in a timeless and sacred reality. This fact, true of all beings, is always capable of lifting us beyond the seeming inevitabilities of death, loss and decay.

To unmistakeably awaken to the experiential truth of this is to become shifted away from the egocentric condition, "alone and afraid in a world I never made", to the self-transcendent orientation of the spiritual life.

Then and only then does our life find a footing that is grounded in cosmic reality. Then and only then do we become capable of realizing life at its best. This is a truth that has been recognized by the world's wisdom traditions for centuries, and yet is one that has somehow become lost amid the distractions of our modern culture.

Nonetheless, this fact that we are grounded in a divine reality - in the language of the East, that we are 'Buddha', in the language of the West that we are 'of God' - ensures us that we indeed have everything that we need within us to realize the love, peace and wholeness to which we aspire.

This training advances on two fronts: it activates our own personal growth and deepening into emotional maturity and spiritual self-realization, while also being a hands-on intensive training in the various therapy skills that we have found most effective in facilitating that same process in our clients.

Successful graduates of the training will receive a certificate of completion from the Transpersonal Therapy Centre indicating that in the judgement of the faculty and of your peers you are empowered to facilitate the actualization of this natural process of emotional healing, psychological growth and spiritual self-transcendence in yourself and in others.